Nvidia prime-run on latest drivers

So I’ve been searching through forums to get the answer, and I know that by default mhwd would install prime drivers for optimus laptops (in my case it’s AMD/Nvidia). But recently I’ve stumbled upon an information that in the newer versions of Nvidia drivers (470+) you don’t need to invoke prime-run command for stuff like Steam.

Is this confirmed by anyone? Only reason why I’m reluctant to go back to manjaro is because i have an optimus configured laptop.

Yes I can confirm that,the NVIDIA card can now detect applications that uses Vulkan (like Proton games with DXVK),the only time you need prime-run is when the application uses OpenGL (like supertuxkart)

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AFAIK intel cant run vulkan so the laptop will default to the nvidia card whenever vulkan is the default

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