nVidia Optimus battery life and browsers

SO, I have a goofy Acer Aspire E15 with hybrid Intel/nVidia graphics.

Recently, battery life has been getting worse and worse as compared to Windows 10 LTSC, and in spite of using xfce.

I had the intuition my discrete graphics were running when they just didn't need to . I did "sudo tee /proc/acpi/bbswitch <<< OFF" and suddenly my estimated battery life went back through the roof. But only temporarily.

"Something" had been using my discrete graphics harder than necessary.

My personal solution was to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox, and it seems to be using it for YouTube videos. Windows seems to offload that onto the igpu instead of the discrete graphics.

This probably isn't a great solution for anyone running an i3 or something, if they even have discrete graphics as well, but it works for me.

Anybody else notice this? It seems to be much moreso Firefox than Chrome, Opera, or Epiphany. Because I can swear it used to handle it better. Anybody else notice this or have more in-depth knowledge on web browsers using hardware acceleration? Because it ALSO seems to be a problem moreso in Linux than Windows as well.

Maybe this isn't the right place for this, so I'll tag myself as #newbie, but it isn't technical support as I feel I have adequately solved it. Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with this forum's etiquette asofyet.

Anyway, lets see if we can shed some light on this. Thanks for tolerating my perhaps misplaced first post!

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Most solutions (besides turning off the extra card in BIOS) wont really fully power-down the nvidia card. But more robust solutions like 'optimus-manager' or 'optimus-switch' will probably produce better results than bumblebee.

No such issue with a Prime Setup here.

I have absolutely noticed this as well on Bumblebee in a hybrid setup. Since posting, have you done anything else to improve this? A few months ago, I was getting 9+ hrs on my laptop with Manjaro KDE, but am lucky to beat 7 the last few weeks with the same updated setup... I read that the 5.3 kernel might be responsible, but dropping down to 4.19 hasn't helped much.

It's a real issue for me, as I was able to get through a full workday without charging before but now I need to top it off briefly...

If power consumption did not change, it might be your battery as well.
Battery capacity is degrading over time...

No, power consumption is up according to powertop about 1-2 W at idle and will spike up to 8-12 W at times, which is new behavior. I think more GPU access is being triggered by bumblebee...

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