Nvidia only on old optimus laptop

I have an old optimus clevo notebook (intel hd 4000 + nvidia 660m).
Bumblebee and primusrun works just fine but it doesn’t don’t support vulkan.
pvkrun doesn’t work for some reason, I didn’t debug it further because I want to switch to nvidia only anyway.
However when I install video-nvidia-418xx (instead of the bumblebee config) from mhwd, the screen just freezes as soon as the gpu driver takes over from kms after reboot (tty still working fine, only x server is frozen).

Ok fixed it:

  • First uninstalled all grafics drivers from mhwd
  • Then following this: wiki.archlinux. org/index.php/NVIDIA#Installation (only the install section not the config section)
  • And then this: wiki.archlinux. org/index.php/NVIDIA_Optimus#Use_NVIDIA_graphics_only (including SDDM settings -> I’m using kde)
  • And then installing: sudo pacman -S nvidia-libgl nvidia-utils lib32-nvidia-libgl lib32-nvidia-utils (otherwise steam crashed on boot, found this here bbs.archlinux. org/viewtopic.php?id=155058)

(the links have spaces in front of the org, becasue i’m not yet allowed to post links)

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