Nvidia not working on xanmod

in fact this 5.18 kernel isn’t a good way to proceed. might you upgrade to kernel 5.19, keep the 5.15 as backup and clean up the other kernel-mess that is installed ?

Ok, I will do so later and I’ll tell you how it goes. Should I reinstall linux519-nvidia manually or the system will do it automatically? Also, I thought having different kernels shouldn’t be a problem since usually nvidia is automatically installed with the latest one? Or the prolbem is I’m getting the kernel from aur?

I realize that. But I think the problem is because the other kernels and thus the nvidia drivers are no longer available.

AFAIK it’s not the different kernels, but the EOL kernels.

please clean up the kernel mess first, after this we’ll see what is needed to install/reinstall.
after cleaning up check with

uname -a

what kernel you’re using. it should be either 5.15 or 5.19 (both should be allright)

I’m replying to the thread, it doesn’t work on xanmod because what I said.

It would not work either on the non existent kernel like 5.12 5.13 5.14 and so on, that’s right, but this is a secondary issue non relevant to xanmod not working.

since 5.18 has no value anymore it shouldn’t be used and isn’t worth to struggle around with it. use 5.15 LTS or 5.19 as the latest. get rid of this 5.18

You will likely have issues using the Manjaro Nvidia modules on a custom kernel.

If you use a custom kernel - install the headers for the kernel and use nvidia-dkms from the repo.

Good maintenance includes removing kernels which are no longer supported. Supported kernels are usually longterm >= 4.19, latest stable and mainline

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For some reason I’m unable to update even to xanmod’s linux-headers 5.18 - it gives me an error " Detected CPU architecture: znver3" and it’s not included in the Available CPU microarchitectures" While I imagine it should be " AMD Family 19h Zen 3 processors (Zen 3)". Strange. And the stable xanmod5.19 is not in aur yet.

I installed 5.19 standard kernel (5.19.1-3-MANJARO) and the headers and nvidia and nvidia-smi now works. So when xanmod5.19 appears in aur, what should I do to get nvidia working again? Is it enough that I have it installed as it is now or should I manually reinstall it ?

so you are on 5.19 now ? please post the output of

uname -a

and the inxi command to see what is your actual settings.
if 5.19 is running we can proceed installing nvidia.

Hi, sorry for not updating you, but NVIDIA is working now. But stock kernel definitely doesn’t work for me, so I’ll post a new issue.

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