Nvidia install via mhwd does not install nvidia driver


I am on a fresh install of manjaro kde 24.
I have done absolutely nothing except auto-install the proprietary nvidia driver (video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-prime) via mhwd.
It completes without error and all the binaries have been installed, but after a reboot nvidia-settings detects no GPU, no display and modprobe nvidia does not find the nvidia module.

When i remove it via mhwd and install video-nvidia instead the same thing happens, the install completes without error but no nvidia module can be loaded nor does nvidia-settings detect anything.
My nvidia card is a 3050.

If i do a complete upgrade with pacman -Suy the boot-process stalls and i can not even get to a console.

I have another manjaro xfce install where i installed the nvidia driver manually and everything works fine.

I therefore propose the construction of a time-machine to prevent the creation of mhwd alltogether. Additionally a task-force of time-soldiers should be created to prevent any such evil to ever haunt humanity again.

Thank you for your attention and i am looking forward to your support of my proposal.

So you have a hybrid system.

I guess you dont know how that works?

Here is the wiki:

But basically you have your iGPU and dGPU.

With prime the iGPU will be used by default and the dGPU only when called with prime-run.

You can test this with:

glxinfo | grep 'renderer string'
prime-run glxinfo | grep 'renderer string'

The second command should return the nvidia.

Dont do this.
Revert these changes, return to the hybrid profile, and see the above comments.

We dont know if the hardware is at all the same.
But very rarely should you do that ‘get driver manually’ thing.

You dont understand how any of these things work.
Please try again.

If for whatever reason you want to argue these points, need more assistance, etc.
Then please include system information;

inxi -Farz
mhwd -li -l
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Thank you very much, that is very usefull information.
I will redo the install and try again.
I have one question though about this prime hybrid thing.

I was assuming prime is only and always used to select one of the GPUs, like in a laptop where you would use the iGPU most of the time and the dGPU only on demand.
I need to use both GPUs to drive all 5 monitors and since one of them is a 8K TV i need to use the proprietary nvidia driver for hdmi-2.1 support.

On my other manjaro xfce install i simply installed the nvidia driver manually and to get the iGPU (Ryzen 5700G APU) working as well i had to add it into xorg.conf with driver “modesetting”.
I have no idea what modesetting means or does and if it is “prime”, i just read it somewhere and it worked and i was happy.
(Crap, i sound pretty stupid, but to my defense it took me 4-6 weeks to get this 8k setup working, starting with a radeon-card and a bunch of dp to hdmi adapters of which none of them worked as advertised)

One reason for the new install is to try out wayland on this multi-monitor setup in the hope of getting more performance, without ruining my manjaro xfce install which is currently my only production install and i depend on a working setup for my living.

Thank you again!