nVidia fan stopping on start

When booting, the nVidia card’s fan is running. After a little bit of the boot sequence, it turns off. After logging in, I can go to the nvidia settings (or command-line) and start the fan. Suspend and resume and the fan stops again. Any ideas how to get that setting to consistently get set on start and resume? Thanks!

Hi @WhateverFits,

Since you can start it from the command line, you can set the command to run at your login, on autostart.

I don’t know why you’d want to do this thought, because, according to me, it’ll shorten the lifespan of the fan and thus potentially the card by quite a bit. But that’s probably just me.

Thanks for the nearly immediate response!

When the fan is off, the fan is always off. I can run video benchmarking and it doesn’t turn on. That’s a problem.

Right now the fan speed is automatically set to 27% due to load. It is barely spinning so I’m not scared of it wearing itself out rather the GPU burning itself out.

OK, either I figured out some kind of setting or I finally got the GPU hot enough for it to automatically turn itself on but it is working at the moment.


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