Nvidia drivers - package manager


im using latest nvidia drivers (460). today was cheking on package manager, and also so, that got installed 390 version(you can see on printscreen picture), does i need them? it is necesarry? or i can safely remove and leave only latest?
Thank you.

mhwd-nvidia-390xx are module-ids for MHWD used for identifying hardware, not drivers.

yes but i also got mhwd-nvidia-460 module-ids so do i need to have both of them?

Basically, mhwd needs to know all the hardware IDs for all configurations, so it needs all ID databases to be installed (mhwd-nvidia-390xx, mhwd-nvidia, …). Even though your particular machine does not need it, it is still a dependency of mhwd.

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Yes, those tiny KB’s are necessary for MHWD to function.

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