Nvidia drivers from the repos or from the site?

Hi, I came accross a comment that said the drivers on the official repos generally lack some features compared to the ones provided on the Nvidia website. Is this true?

I’ve also found out Bumblebee exists and since I have an Optimus laptop I thought I could try them too. However is there any difference in them than the other two? I read on the wiki that they have a disadvantage when it comes to performance.

All I care about is the absolute best performance, so which of the many available drivers should I use?

What comment? Where?

Then you are something like half of a decade late.
Bumblebee did exist … but has long been surpassed as the solution for hybrid graphics by PRIME.


Prime has comparatively minimal impact on performance.

The only reason you would be using bumblebee is if you have a severely dated nvidia card.

I dont know where you are getting your information from, but the wiki should be your, erm, prime source.

You havent provided any possible selection of drivers.
What do you think you are chossing between and how?
Please read the wiki. If you are thinking of somehow manually obtaining your driver - dont.
Generally speaking whatever the latest mhwd offers you is probably best.

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I’m choosing between whatever I get with pacman -S linux-nvidia and the runfile you can install from the Nvidia website. I know generally installing things from the web is a big no no and I have always installed my drivers through pacman but that comment made me question that. I’m willing to have to go through hell every time there is an update if that means I’ll squeeze that extra fps.

Also what’s the difference between installing them with pacman or mhwd? Come to think of it, I’ve never used mhwd except for downloading unstable kernels. Isn’t it pretty much the same? It still pulls the same software from the manjaro repos, it’s just more intuitive?

Also the comment was under an Instagram meme. Yes, I know. Yes. Oh yes. But still. I am obligated to fact check.

You don’t get anything with that, because that package doesn’t exist in Manjaro.

Well, you know the answer then.

None, except that in repo it’s packaged so that package manager knows where it’s installed and so it can be easily managed.

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You arent supposed to do either.
Drivers on manjaro are handled by mhwd.
Read the wiki.


So, shouldn’t that mean it’s better to install them from pacman?

And I still don’t know are the drivers on the repositories in any way different than the one on the Nvidia site? I know I’m supposed to install them a certain way but I also know on Linux I am free to brick my system in any way I please.

What’s the difference then? I know on Manjaro mhwd is supposed to handle them but I also know that on Linux every single thing installed on the system is the package manager’s business.

The way is mhwd.

It gives you the packages from the repos, yes.

But also xorg configuration files, patches, modprobe, blacklists, and more not included in just installing the package.

pci/graphic_drivers · master · Applications / mhwd-db · GitLab

If you really know what you are doing you can work outside of mhwd.

But that we are here in this thread means you do not.

Use mhwd.


You can @ people and use quotations.
No need for multiple posts.

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Feel free to inspect any nvidia related PKGBUILD and see for yourself how it’s done. For example:

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But also xorg configuration files, patches, modprobe, blacklists, and more not included in just installing the package.



Alrighty, now I know. Thank you all. Off I go now to reinstall through mhwd.

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If you already did a manual install, you’ll have to manually uninstall it too.