Nvidia drivers and dual or triple display

well, after testing for weeks i have concluded that manjaro is the friendliest of all the distributions i have tested.
I installed it on my laptop and saw that it worked perfectly I decided to install manjaro 21.1.2 on my main computer.
ryzen 3900X
gigabyte B450 up to date
64 GB ram
2x gtx 770
nvme 900go + evo 840 of 250Go

System is installed normally. I chose the system encryption then after the installation I restarted.
After putting in the encryption key the system was way too slow to boot, about 20x slower than my laptop with amd A6. Then I wanted to configure multiple displays. To install the nvidia driver it went very well but I can’t get the second screen to work. I spent days looking on the web, I tried all the tips but nothing to do, it does not work!
So I think it will be very useful to make a step forward in this direction because this is what scares other users to switch to linux, having to try to make things work so banal that we do not even ask the question under Windows.
We should take advantage of manjaro and not spend a lifetime looking for pilots.
If you have any tips that work let me know
thank you

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Unfortunately, this is not an issue the Manjaro developers can do anything about. The Nvidia driver is proprietary software, and Nvidia is notoriously uncooperative with the Free & Open Source Software community.

Given that Microsoft Windows is also a proprietary platform, Microsoft and Nvidia can enter into full cooperation under the mutual protection of a non-disclosure agreement. However, things don’t work like that in FLOSS. AMD and Intel are submitting the source code of their graphics drivers to the upstream kernel developers, which is why they work so well in GNU/Linux. But Nvidia refuses to do that.


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