Nvidia driver issues

Hey guys I just want to report that since the latest Nvidia update my games on my ASUS ROG laptop haven’t been working properly, I am getting unloaded texture and models and the colours look like it’s in 256 colour as well as some odd performance behaviors on other games.

I have confirmed this with multiple games to be happening.
Nvidia driver: 530.41.03

Removing and reinstalling the Nvidia driver did not fix the issue.

Reverting to 470 shows it probably is a driver issue, Lego Starwars the skywalker saga now works properly and doesn’t look like a broken mess tho Spiderman Remaster refuses to run on the Nvidia 470 driver. Spyro wasn’t affected but could have in other way if I tested more.

I suggest adding more Nvidia driver options like a backup previous version in case Nvidia releases a driver with any issues.

marking this as solved as it also seemed to be a weird proton issue and still don’t know what exactly caused it

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