Nvidia driver incompatibility -- uninstalled 440 installed 455 broke everything

Long story short I installed updates but they were incompatible with the 440 nvidia hybrid drivers so light manager failed to start, I loaded into a fallback 5.7 and it loaded. I uninstalled the 440xx depencies and driver and installed 455. Now none of the configs start.

How do I force update all drivers, or failing that how do I revert my drivers back to 440 so that I can at least use my computer?

I’m using a gtx 1060 PCI graphics card.

Found solution:

First access CLI either by pressing alt + f2 from the “Failed to start light display manager” or from endlessly blinking cursor. Login. Or you can also do it via ssh which I recommend.

Anyway, check which drivers you have installed

pacman -Qe | grep nvidia

for me I got

nvidia-455xx-utils 455.45.01-1
opencl-nvidia-340xx 340.108-1

Uninstall all of the above

sudo pacman -R nvidia-455xx-utils
sudo pacman -R opencl-nvidia-340xx

Install 450xx drivers, which work with linux 5.9 but whatever else works I think

sudo pacman -S linux-latest-nvidia-450xx

Once that’s done it may just work, but I did this for good measure as I think it refreshes the config details

sudo nvidia-xconfig


sudo reboot

On reboot my system booted to standard login screen

You are certainly going about this funny and stubbing your toe on it.
In manjaro we use mhwd or the GUI manjaro-settings-manager to handle drivers for you. These come in profiles, should nab the proper packages, and rebuild kernels+modules as necessary.
Doing things by hand is making it your responsibility to, for example, ensure you dont have old deprecated 340xx things lying around and your configs are regenerated etc … not to mention breaking part of core manjaro system infrastructure.
Go ahead if you like. Just thinking this might not have happened if it were managed differently…

It would be nice if there were a step by step guide like I provided above that actually worked, though. Because your linked page does not work. I tried the mhwd automated install and it didn’t fix the problem and the other stuff is frankly incomprehensible to me (but I’m also still a noob)

The way that you mentioned via the manjaro setting manager seems nice and all, but I don’t know how to use it and there is no simple step by step tutorial like I provided. If you were to find the time to provide that though I’d gladly use it instead :slight_smile:

It wont work right away if your things are in a broken state.

Otherwise those guides work fine.

If you did break it by manhandling packages and such … then maybe you would need to look at

That’s a helpful guide, thanks. Though it’s still very confusing for me about what drivers should be installed, how to find which drivers are already installed, how to clean my system etc. I’m understanding now that I have more experience, but maybe you can see why it’s still confusing for… people… like me, lol

It would probably be less confusing if you stayed on the regular path and didnt wander into the woods :wink:

Its pretty straight-forward. mhwd (or GUI frontend ‘MSM’) show you available and installed driver profiles.

In the terminal this is shown by things already posted, ex:

mhwd -li
mhwd -l

These pertain to groups of packages … but also do configuration steps like rebuilding the kernels and modules and handling dependencies etc.
If you dont use these tools as intended you are not only on-your-own for handling all that stuff … but you could also easily create conflicts with the infrastructure that is in place.

All of the pertinent stuff is in the guides, step by step, as you requested.

Yes that would be nice, huh? lol, either way though, thanks. No doubt I’ll be returning here in the future and will venture along the path as best I can…

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