NVIDIA dGPU always active with Prime Offloading


  • 5.10.2-2-MANJARO
  • NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti Mobile
  • NVIDIA’s proprietary driver 455.45.01-10.0, installed with mhwd

I’m able to use the NVIDIA card (for example with prime-run), but even when I do not use it, it remains on: in fact, the command cat /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:01\:00.0/power/runtime_status outputs active instead of suspended.

I have already enabled D3 power management as in NVIDIA’s official guide, but the command still outputs active and I can confirm it because of the poor battery life.

See here. Until it is fixed, use the 5.4 LTS kernel (or 5.9 if you need snap).

Thank you! Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait for the fix because I tried 5.9 but it does not work well with nvidia-455 driver. Meanwhile, I’ll use this workaround to preserve more battery life and still use the NVIDIA card when required, though with slightly worse performance.

I can confirm that NVIDIA driver 460.39 solves the problem, thus I’ll close this thread.

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