Nvidia control panel - Make sure the GPU is always on max performance

Following my other topics, I reinstalled Manjaro, and plan to do a TimeShift (or Manjaro equivalent) when it’s fully set-up.

The last hurdle I’m facing is that the Nvidia GPU in my machine keeps switching power states during video playback even if I set it to max performance mode.

I tried the recommended topic here on the forum, but every time I create a conf file I end up not booting to desktop and have to open TTY to delete that file.

Is there a way to force the system to stay on the max power state all the time? or at least for certain programs?

Just to clarify, it is not in hybrid mode with the onboard GPU, it’s the only GPU that’s active in the system now.


Bump, does no one have a solution for this?

Use coolbits to unlock the driver and use greenwithenvy (GWE) to set it at max. Anyway… it is not recommend. Do as you please. Bye :wave:

Hey, and thanks for replying.
I’ve looked into that before, most of the page on that is either outdated or disputed.
Either way, there’s no control of performance level, or a way to edit any level besides the highest one.

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So the solution is to repost?

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Look at the static clock section

Thanks for the reply, but there’s no mention of static on that page. Could it be a different link?


The above link is more arch wiki for nvidia.

I am on travel, but when I get back I’ll post my script that I use to set clocks on boot.