Numeric pad not working properly on lock screen

Hello people.

I have an old Pentium Dual Core e6300 machine paired with r7 250. My keyboard is Logitech’s k120 with Turkish layout. The problem is, when I try to enter the password with numeric pad, it acts like numlock isn’t on which is on and it does secondary functions of numerics which are arrows, pgup, pgdown, etc. I’d like to solve this issue.

Edit: I’m using xfce, BTW.

have a look:

Thanks, but it didn’t work. I turn numlock off and on again, then it works. Interesting.

I have the same problem but Ill indicate come details about this thread, I have no problem if the numeric pad is not activated when computer is booting up and the OS is initiating, I don’t care but, what I don’t really like is when the screen locks itself and when I want to unlock it if I use the numbers of the numeric pad it doesn’t respond, I mean I have an external keyboard attached to my Dell Latitud laptop and even if the numeric pad is on (light is activated) it does not work, I have to push the button twice in order to turn off the numeric light and then a third push to turn it on again for it to work properly, haven’t found any solution.