Nulogic repo updates

I just finished updating:
Enlightenment to 0.23.1
EFL to 1.23.0

Had to refactor my EFL PKGBUILD for meson/ninja.
Yea, that was fun. :wink:

Binary repository:


Super quick!

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Well, today after working on, oh so many pkgbuild's for my repo, I did a full refresh.
Many, many, updated packages, with only a few exceptions that I couldn't get to compile for whatever reason.


First, thank you once again for your grEat update job !
& do you still use bryce daily (now experimental) ?

Yes, I still use the "Gadget Bar" (aka bryce).

Is it possible to have functional packagekit in it ?
I've been using it for ages & can't do without it now..

Nope, there is no packagekit gadget for the new gadget system, only the old gadget is available atm. I suppose someone would need to write one.

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