NTFS3 filesystem driver

windows cannot find read or write these FSes, I use ext4 on linux.

It can. It’s just a matter of drivers.

But it’s offtopic a bit.

This module can be enabled in kernel of course but system will still default to FUSE driver. Also NTFS-3G needs separation to driver itself and tools (like mkfs) then as we still don’t have any other userspace pieces to use with new kernel driver.

So it’s not something that will be used by default for now unfortunately.

But what harm/problem is there in enabling the driver at all in newer kenrnels >= 5.15?

Why do you think it’s a problem? It’s just isn’t done yet :slight_smile:

I do not - but this whole discussion and your (kind of evading) answer did give the impression.
If it’s to be enabled, then that is all this topic is asking for :+1:

If there is no legal issue in the NTFS3 module in the kernel, the NTFS3 support of Manjaro will benefit many people.

Will be available since 5.15.2


what is NTFS3 used for? i don’t understand how it can be useful to me?

If you’re not trolling and/or if you read the thread (or if you try to look for it on google), you can easily understand what we’re talking about. ntfs3 is a new file system driver which has a way better support for the NTFS file system, which currently on Manjaro is supported by ntfs-3g, another driver (not included in the kernel), which works but compared to the new ntfs3 kernel driver is very poor regarding its performance and compatibility.

Enabling ntfs3 doesn’t have to be useful for you to be relevant for others, like so many things on your system if you don’t need it don’t use it, others may find it very useful.


I’ve read the thread and documentation,I’m not arguing about it’s implementation.
I’m trying to understand what is the purpose of it in Linux(real life use scenario); is it for non NTFS systems being able to read(write?) on NTFS formatted drives(partitions?) ?

To be able to read/write NTFS partitions, helpful for people dual booting with Windows or using an external HDD/SSD that uses NTFS.


Or accessing (read/write) a NTFS formated USB-drive :sunglasses:


Looking forward to kernel 5.15.2 as many other dual/multiple booters - since NTFS3, as a kernel NTFS implementation is expected to provide a faster performance and better compatibilty compared to FUSE based implementations such as the currently offered NTFS-3G package.


5.15.2 might be out this Friday and most likely available the same day in unstable branch.


I want it available this hour. :tired_face: Why is Manjaro soooooo behind. Rolling release? Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.

I’m done. I’m going to sell all my NTFS-formatted external USB drives because obviously no one cares about my needs. :angry:

5.15.2 has not been released yet by kernel developers. You can see the release status of the Linux kernel on https://www.kernel.org/

Didn’t WSL also recently create windows support for ext partitions? (edit: yeah, since WSL2)

Anyhow yeah I’m gonna have to agree with OP, this should be part of the manjaro 5.15 kernel, this driver is not proprietary, paragon open sourced their FORMERLY proprietary NTFS driver and shared it with the linux kernel, they worked on it for a while until it was accepted.

I can think of 0 reasons not to support it, it’s superior to the default kernel driver and probably superior to ntfs3g and fuse too.

It’s ultimately just better support for NTFS partitions, I don’t personally use NTFS partitions (anymore) but since dual booting is very common within the linux community and manjaro is aimed at general users, this is a pretty critical feature and should be included in the manjaro kernels.

Don’t think there needs to be any drama around this, just another kernel feature.


Nope, this is not their commercial driver, it is another one they created for Linux. See posts at start of thread.


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