NTFS is inconsistent

When i try resize NTFS partiton by gparted
I have error like in picture

I try do
$ ntfsfix /dev/sda5

But the same problem occurs
How can i solve that ?
Note: i haven’t windows on my computer

Um, then why do you have an ntfs partition? You’d be much better off converting that to an ext4 partition.

Either way, you cannot properly resize an ntfs partition until said partition has been defragmented and checked from within Microsoft Windows.

If there is data on that partition, then I would advise you to make a backup copy of that data on an external medium ─ you can do this from within the live session ─and then nuke that partition, and replace it with an ext4 partition if you wish.


By not using NTFS.

NTFS is a proprietary Windows File System. On Linux, we use NTFS-3G to be able to read that file system, which is a open-source implementation of NTFS. It isn’t perfect, and not recommended unless you HAVE to use NTFS because there are issues with using it on Linux. The only time NTFS should be used if you have Windows on your computer, and you need to access those files on Linux.

To better explain the issue you are actually having, there is something wrong (extra cluster count) with the NTFS partition itself, causing you to not be able to resize it. You probably need Windows to repair it, or you can move all the files off of that partition, delete it, and remake it.


NTFS is inconsistent. Run chkdsk /f on Windows then reboot it twice

If you can boot from a Windows ISO on USB or CD, that should have the admin tools including chkdsk to repair the partition

NTFS-3G imperfections probably help with avoiding interest from Microsoft lawyers

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Yeah, they could download the official Windows 10 ISO, put it on a USB, and use the command prompt in it (forgot how to get to it). Don’t need to install Windows.

Or… just get rid of the NTFS partition…