Nslookup does not exit cleanly with no parameters

I am running the KDE version of the LTS. I running from the bash shell with bind installed.

When I run nslookup without any parameters, I need to CTRL-C to exit. This is in the range of normal behavior. However, the terminal that this is run no longer responds to keystrokes except for the likes of CTRL-C. I have not found a way to recover from this. It is almost as if the command nslookup does not release the apparent redirected input when no parameters are sent to nslookup.

Is this a bug with nslooklup.

You can use the exit command to end an interactive nslookup session. There is no need for Ctrl+C.

However I can exit a interactive nslookup session with Ctrl+C and type anything in the terminal. Which terminal interpreter do you use? (I tried it in Gnome Terminal and XFCE Terminal with a Bash and Zsh).

No it is not.

man nslookup

When run without arguments it opens an interactive shell.