Npm install => 14 vulnerabilities; npm audit fix; could not resolve dependency

i have tried to install ROTB:
cd ~/apps/;git clone;cd rats*
pamac install npm
npm install
npm audit
npm audit fix

commands remaining to be ran:
npm run buildweb
npm run server
firefox http://localhost:8095

but the first set of commands found 14 vulnerabilities and failed to fix/get dependency.
full commands output here please

so i am wondering what are correct commands to fix this?

Upstream uses Node.js v14 to build while we have 15 in the repos. You can use NVM to use v14 to build it.

The best way would be modifying the rats-search-git PKGBUILD and use NVM per Node.js package guidelines.

There are LTS versions of nodejs in the repo, v14 is nodejs-lts-fermium Arch Linux - nodejs-lts-fermium 14.16.0-2 (x86_64)

pamac install nodejs-lts-fermium
Removing nodejs (15.14.0-1)… [1/1]
Installing nodejs-lts-fermium (14.16.0-1)… [1/1]
Transaction successfully finished

but npm install;npm audit fix still has issues

Before I wasn’t at home to try it, meanwhile some opened an issue on github npm install found 14 vulnerabilities and failed to fix/get dependency · Issue #142 · DEgITx/rats-search · GitHub

I have tried to run it without running audit/audit fix and it fails badly anyway