Now Matchama! (formerly Matcha KDE anyone?)

I made a thing

(matches matcha gtk)


Can you take a look at this

need a change?

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From Kvantum Manager choosing MatchaDark seems to flip to KvMatchaDarkAliz. Removing the KvMatchaDarkAliz from the theme folder it will make the MatchaDark use the Arc Dark colors.

Thank you so much for sharing, truly a top job. It looks wonderful and I love when themes are so complete and cover all the bases, with matching schemes for konsole, wallpapers and everything else.

My only gripe, if I may have one, it's that it looks a little bit weird when the dark scheme is green tinted in that "matcha-sea" way, but the konsole and yakuake skins are grey in an "Arc" or I believe old "matcha-dark" way. It doesn't quite match IMO. But it is easily changeable with konsole's own editor. I made a quick "hack" myself that quite works for me:

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@bogdancovaciu Oops. fixed.

@Ste74 I hadnt realized we already have kvantum themes for matcha.
With this though we get to have some plasma panel and lockscreen, normal aurorae windows, etc.

@Signalrunner Thanks for that. I musta not merged my local one, which I ended up deleting while looking. Heh. So yours is up now.

This shouldnt exactly be considered complete yet .. but its been living on my desktop for over a month now, so I decided to spit polish it and share. Any help/suggestions are quite welcome :slight_smile:

( EDIT - a good number of pushes while I couldnt sleep. splash, color, look-and-feel, should all be a tad nicer)

Nice! I can't wait to check it out when I get home.

I have another gift for you too:


Looks good!

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Thanks. I may be working also on a related but separate... SDDM thing ..


How does anyone feel about a redesign of the splash?


I actually like the existing splash. It feels like a load screen from a retro game.

Your new one is good too but it seems in contrast with the pixelated art from the login/lock/background.

Part of the reason was that I wanted to avoid having an actual wallpaper for splash.
One issue being size, the other being that its kinda 'hard-coded' into the splash.
Whereas the lockscreen and SDDM themselves could be any wallpaper the user likes.
(personally I dont like/use splash ... so opinions are very welcome)

I see what you mean, if someone changes the sddm background, it looks out of place.

Do most people? :smile:

I have only been using it recently because I find it somewhat nostalgic.

After hanging around these parts for a while .. I just dont know anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

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if you have bootsplash enabled having both splash screen and bootsplash same so one wont notice which one is running.
if only bootsplash was enabled by default.

OK, if anyone would like to try out the new splash it is in the splash-dev branch.
(you can reinstall using that, or just replace the directories in look-and-feel)

[FYI - I'm thinking I might strip it down to be simpler like so:]

Excellent work! This should be official Manjaro KDE theme! So far, only splash looks a bit out of place :slight_smile:

Aw thanks.
To be clear - you mean trying the new one ? with the kinda geo-web animation?

Haven't tried the new one, only the one from master branch. I assume you are eventually going to update it? And that hacked cursor is awesome too :slight_smile:

When I feel good about it I might post about the whole pack - theres also the SDDM theme :wink:


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