Novice support for usermod calamity

ok - just to be sure - and not to disable any still working connection to the root account:
(I hope you did not close any of the previously used terminal windows)

Can you go to a TTY?

(CTRL+ALT+F3) for example …

log in
and try to gain root
sudo su -

does it work?

whoops, I’ve never gone into a tty before and couldn’t close the screen so have just done a reboot. Yes, it has worked. I have just opened a terminal in the re-booted system and I can enter my password successfully following the command “sudo su -” Thank you so much. From what I can see everything is back to normal thanks to you. Are there any other commands that need to be entered that will confirm normal running?

All is well now
at the foundational level.

Now you can focus on how to make your VPN work
with the help of the previously linked to Arch wiki.

Feel free to ask - but please provide specific information only you can have - so we do not have to ask 3 times back and forth …

and revert whatever you did due to whatever video - as it will more than likely get into your way …

or, at the very least (if anyone cares to watch …), include a link to it, so we can know what was “recommended” to do
… possibly explaining how you ended up here
and how to fix it …

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I’ll look at the Arch wiki as recommended. In the future I will try to steer clear silly pitfalls …and keep good records so that if I have to ask for your help again it will be easier to deal with efficiently. Thanks again.