Novice(me) having weird problem with update

Not sure how to describe it but the screen cap I’ve included seems a good place to start. Fails to prepare transaction, left sidebar missing and apply button blank.

I … dont know why its doing that either.

I might only guess its something to do with fonts? But why the rest is fine? :thinking:

In any case you may wish to try the update in a terminal.
We might sort mirrors first.
And I like pacman better too.

sudo pacman-mirrors --continent
sudo pacman -Syu

Thanks for that. Updating through the terminal did work. I just made the assumption that if this appears this broken that it was also not going to work through the terminal.

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Have you tried with a different theme, different default font and/or different icon set?

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Credit cscs with the solution.

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It still doesn’t solve the root problem. We can assume there has been a change to system fonts but only OP can tell us.

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