Nov 20 Updates Broke System?

Manjaro/Budgie Dell Inspiron 13 7000

Did anyone else experience system won’t boot after updating via pamac yesterday (Nov 20)?? I installed nothing else and made no system changes but this morning my laptop boots to black screen and stalls - i.e. the Dell logo appears and then nothing else.

Hi @DrewBC :wink:

If you use nvidia and kernel 5.9, have look here:

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Thanks. I tried this but got a return saying “video-nvidia-455xx not installed”

Settings shows graphics as Mesa Intel UHD Graphics 620 (KBL GT2)

I booted from a live USB and changed root. I apologize for sending this as an image rather than code but I can’t seem to copy from the terminal on the affect laptop and then send here:

So, if I revert to 5.8 kernel will that solve the problem for now? If so, how to do that?

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Well i said ‘if you use nvidia’, but but you use the intel driver. Would be nice to have these outputs:

journalctl -b0 | curl -F'file=@-'
for x in $(ls /var/log/ | grep Xorg); do echo -e "---$x---\n\n $(cat /var/log/$x)\n"; done | curl -F'file=@-'
mhwd -l && mhwd -li && mhwd-kernel -li

You have a hybrid setup, not a simple Nvidia card so you do not use the Nvidia drivers but the Hybrid profile.

//EDIT: OK… you don’t even have a Nvidia card so really confusing you’re trying to install Nvidia drivers lol.

I apologize for posting an image. I cannot get copy and paste to work from the terminal in this live USB environment:

Did you read the post?

I considered doing a fresh install but then discovered that the Manjaro-Budgie iso hasn’t been updated for about 6 months and there are over 800 updates waiting to be installed, presumably one of them being what broke my system in the first place.