Noto-fonts Testing Update


I am using KDE on the Manjaro Testing branch. I am not sure what is going on here, but after the noto-fonts upgrade from 20171025-2 -> 20180322-1 the text displaying in Konsole and Yakuake are misaligned, for example if I hit the space bar many times, the cursor position is not where typed text is appearing. Any thoughts, will perform a downgrade on that package and report back.

Edit: Yes, downgrading back to the original version does resolve the issue.


First thing to check is the testing update thread.

Next search the forum to see if your issue (or similar) has been already raised.

Until the noto-fonts patch arrives you should change your default fixed width font in System Setting and Konsole font to something else (ie Droid Sans Mono is similar).


My apologies, thank you.


No need to apologize, just pointing you in the right direction.


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