Noto-Fonts issue, instead of emoji I have square with an x

Hi guys! I have a problem updating

  • noto-fonts 20190926-4 to 20201226-2
  • noto-fonts-cjk 20190409-2 to 20201206-2

If I update I get squares with an x inside and not emoji, this update was first presented some weeks/months ago but I put those packages in pacman ignore list now I hoped that the issue was fixed but is the same

Can anyone help me please fix this issue? I don’t wanna have packages in pacman ignore list I don’t wanna break the sytem

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance

Did you install other external fonts?

I didn’t notice any font issue.

What emoji are you talking about? Where?

Have you installed noto-fonts-emoji?

This is what I have installed

using emoji selector app all is working fine but the applications like telegram, mailspring to name a few don’t display emojis, only weird squares and it happens if upgrading those two packages