Notifications on different screen

Is there a way to show notifications on the second screen?
Like I am playing games and some of them don’t let anything render above them so I don’t see notifications so I would preferer to have them on the other screen.

If you right-click the notifications widget and choose “Configure Events and Notifications”, then you’ll see an option there to choose a custom position.

However, I do not know whether it’ll allow you to have the notifications shown on another screen than the one where the widget itself sits. I don’t have a dual-monitor configuration, so I cannot test that. :man_shrugging:

I already tried it and it is showing me only one monitor and no matter what I chose, it will be on my main monitor :neutral_face:

Well, what you could try is put an a panel on the second monitor as well ─ if you haven’t already ─ and move the system tray to the panel on the second monitor.

Alternatively, you don’t even have to move the system tray. You can add a standalone notifications widget to the panel on the other monitor directly, in addition to the one that’s in your system tray on the first monitor.

Just a few ideas, mind you. :man_shrugging:

Another option would be to set the second monitor as primary. I have a widget in the panel of both monitors and the notifications (nearly) always display on the primary display. Or disable the widget on the primary but not the secondary.

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Oh I have two panels with tray one for each monitor and I moved the one from the primary monitor to the other one and notification from KDE Connect showed next to the moved panel but then I moved it back to the main monitor and removed the tray and it didn’t help, the notifications were showing on the primary monitor so I literally deleted most of the stuff like weather, clock, search, etc. and suddenly it worked as I wanted :man_shrugging:
And if we are talking about the notification widget then the primary one never had it while the second one had it since the beginning.

Anyway, thanks for help :smile:

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