Notification area won't close after losing focus

Since one of the last updates (not shure but i think I noticed, that the notification area (systray) won’t close, after loosing focus.

If I am not complete wrong, than it used to close, when i switch to another application??
Anyone else irritated?
And more important…how can i get the old behavior back?

Check the following settings by right-clicking the notification icon… :arrow_down:

Note: Not all applications honor the settings. I have one application installed here — clipgrab, from the AUR — that always requires me to manually close the popup.


I already did set the settings like shown in the picture and the popups are shown in the expected way.

Maybe my description was a little bit misleading.
It more a problem with the systray. It applies also to volumne control, networkmonitor etc.
The previous behavior has been, that the panel close, when it loose focus.
Or am I completely wrong and just imagining it and the panels never closed by itself?

That is the normal behavior. However, if you have the pin pressed in… :arrow_down:

… then it’ll stay open.

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OMG i completelty forget about the pin! :person_facepalming:
Unfortunatly because of my theme its just a round circle so you can’t see the status.
Thanks a lot :wink:
(gosh i feel stupid)

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