Notification Area corruption with XFCE-GTK3

Recently I have upgraded to xfce4-gtk3 which has installed many gtk3 components and some by my own decision.

I now have notification area corruption which affects usage and display. I can’t fix it through any method. The LIVE CD shows correct output so something is wrong with my configuration.

~ >>> trizen xfce4-gtk3                                                                                             
** GET ==> 200 OK (2s)
 1 community/xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin-gtk3 2.2.1-1 [xfce4-gtk3-goodies] [installed]
     Alternate menu for Xfce4 (GTK3)
 2 community/thunar-volman-gtk3 0.8.1-1 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed: 0.9.0-1]
     Automatic management of removeable devices in Thunar
 3 extra/xfwm4-gtk3 4.13.0-11 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed]
     Xfce window manager
 4 extra/xfdesktop-gtk3 4.13.2-1 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed]
     A desktop manager for Xfce
 5 extra/xfconf-gtk3 4.13.5-1 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed]
     A simple client-server configuration storage and query system
 6 extra/xfce4-settings-gtk3 4.13.4-1 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed]
     Settings manager for xfce
 7 extra/xfce4-session-gtk3 4.13.0-6 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed]
     A session manager for Xfce
 8 extra/xfce4-power-manager-gtk3 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed]
     Power manager for Xfce desktop
 9 extra/xfce4-panel-gtk3 4.13.3-2 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed]
     Panel for the Xfce desktop environment
10 extra/xfce4-notifyd-gtk3 0.4.1-2 [xfce4-gtk3-goodies] [installed]
     Notification daemon for the Xfce desktop
11 extra/xfce4-appfinder-gtk3 4.13.0-2 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed]
     An application finder for Xfce
12 extra/thunar-volman-gtk3 0.9.0-1 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed]
     Automatic management of removeable devices in Thunar
13 extra/thunar-gtk3 1.8.1-2 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed]
     Modern file manager for Xfce
14 extra/thunar-archive-plugin-gtk3 0.4.0-1 [xfce4-gtk3-goodies] [installed]
     Create and extract archives in Thunar
15 extra/libxfce4ui-gtk3 4.13.4-1 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed]
     Commonly used Xfce widgets among Xfce applications (GTK3)
16 extra/garcon-gtk3 0.6.1-4 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed]
     Implementation of the menu specification
17 extra/exo-gtk3 0.12.2-1 [xfce4-gtk3] [installed]
     Extensions to Xfce by os-cillation

Below shows the wireless icon corruption on both screenshots.

After adding “Notification Area” and having it running:


After “Notification Area” removing and adding again:


Have you made certain your theme is gtk3 compliant?

Interesting. I changed theme to adapta-nokto-eta-maia and it seems to be fine now. Thanks!

What are you using for theme, just curious?

Currently I use:
Adwaita-Manjaro (base theme)
ePapirus (icon theme)… last week I used Obsidian (icons)
Stylish-Dark (self-revised) for window borders.

But I change around a lot…

Problem returned after boot even with gtk3 theme.

@ryanmusante Did you try using the ePapirus icon theme? Also install the Papirus theme as its fallback. I have both installed and no problems… :blush:

@ryanmusante If that doesn’t work, you might try following the ideas in this thread:

I think I narrowed the problem down to window manager tweaks.

With display compositing disabled = corruption
With display compositing enabled = no corruption

I keep it disabled because I game a lot through steam + wine and it seems unredirect doesn’t function as designed. So, perhaps the issue is with xfwm4?

You can try using either compiz or compton… perhaps one of those will work for you.

Yes, I see the same issue with the notification area with compositing disabled. Never noticed that before. Maybe a bug with the transition to gtk3?

EDIT: Looks like there is a bug report filed already (

I posted with my screenshot and explanation there also.

Ya, it is a known issue …

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This may provide a workaround:

@ryanmusante @cimarronline
Anyone confirm?

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Interim background fix seems to be working for me. Could it be included in future releases?

What does the dev mean by it’s a client side bug? It’s like he’s dismissing it.

They mean it has to do with whats providing the icon (the application and/or theme) and not the fault of XFCE. Also note that this is only the case without the compositor.
(as with the compositor such refreshes are handled whether or not the ‘client’ does it properly)

PS - this seems like a decent explanation: - combine that with the last few posts in the bug report and it will sorta make sense

I’m assuming the client in my case to be Xfce4-notifyd which provides Notification Area.

Yeah that could make sense. I now re-read their post as its not XFWM4’s fault.
No way for me to be looking now - I just hope the explanation was helpful - I dont think they were being dismissive as such.

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My Numix-DarkBlue theme has @define-color dark_bg_color #333; as listed in the gtk.gresource.

Should the 333 be inserted in place of the 1.20 for that script for best results? I’m a bit confused.

.xfce4-panel .button:active,
.xfce4-panel .button:checked {
  background-image: none;
  background-color: shade(@dark_bg_color, 1.20);
  border: none;

Make sure to replace the @dark_bg_color with whatever your theme’s background color is

I’m experiencing exactly this but with the GTK2 version! I also want to keep Compositing off, but due to audio work rather than gaming.

And by Client I would assume this refers to nm_applet rather than xfce4-panel systray as all the other icons update correctly (at least on my system.)

So I’m not sure if it’s nm_applet or xfce4-notifyd. But, either way, I assume eventually it will be fixed. There is a lot of work going into xfce4-gtk3.