Note taking apps?

I’m very poor at taking notes and have been wondering if I should simply use an app for doing that? And which ones should I start with? I found these in the Repositories:

BasKet Note Pads
CherryTree - Hierarchical Note Taking
Tomboy Notes

Any experience with any of these?

I use xournal for annotating pdfs. I use google keep for my notes so my notes on my phone, tablet and laptop are identical…

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Thanks, Google Keep might ideal but once I taking my laptop to places where I may not have internet access I will need something stand alone.

I use CherryTree and like it a lot. It is hierarchical in the sense that you can accumulate notes in an extended outline format if you choose to do so. (They use the terms nodes and subnodes.) I say extended outline, because each node and subnode can contain many pages of material rather than just a single thought. Search is very handy and more thorough than visually searching through paper notes. You can insert pictures, web links, etc.

I have not tried any of the others on your list, so I can’t do a comparative review.

I started using the application that comes integrated with Gnome: Bijiben

Bijiben saves the notes in xml format.
It allows to group the notes in notebooks.
It is very simple, what one looks for in a note application.

I use it for temporary notes. So the application of notes that I use is Evernote to synchronize with other devices, calendar and file of documents attached to the notes, images capturer and articles from the internet.

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I’m reading reading reviews of CherryTree and it is the first one I am considering installing since it is hierarchical and cross platform.

I installed CherryTree as that seems to be really good according to some reviews I looked at. I’m looking at the manual now.

I use Typora for notes.

Any tips on note taking? I never was any good at it at all.

I use Google Keep, very easy and useful on laptop and smartphone

I use an addon in chromium - Crhome notepad - it syncs across my devices with my chromium profile - AND - I use one passphrase for google and another for sync so google is never going to read my notes :slight_smile:

My go-to applications:

Zim (lightweight text-based wiki)
Freeplane (mind mapping)
TiddlyWiki (single HTML file wiki)


Among these CherryTree is probably the most feature rich application. I am not sure if BasKet Note Pads and Keepnote are actively developed.

Gnote and Tomboy are quite similar, but Tomboy is written in Mono, which many consider as security risk. Gnome integrates with Gnome shell very well, the same goes with Kjots and Plasma. so depending which one you use you may choose upon these two, but both of them offer very basic features.

WizNote is quite powerful, but lacks (or used to lack) proper English documentation (it comes from China). It is available on all major platforms (Windows, Linux, Android (I am not sure about mac)). Synchronization used to be a bit lag, and the Linux application lacks features compared to Windows app. There is Premium and Basic (free) versions so you may look into it closely.

I have not used Xournal, but just had an impression it is more suitable for touchscreen devices, although it is very feature rich application.

But your list misses one of the most poplar note taking application in Linux world - Zim wiki notes (just zim). it is available in the repositories and there is also windows version of it.

It keeps notes in .txt (or html) format, so you may open them in any device.
for example you can put Zim folder in your dropbox and it will be available on your all devices (same actually goes for CherryTree, but for this you need special app to access your notes from note.)
and there are numerous plugins for Zim, so you can extend its functionality. It is worth to look into this as well.

If you are using Owncloud or Nextcloud, you may look into QOwnNotes (in AUR), which is very nice markdown note taking application. (well, you may use it even without Owncloud or Nextcloud integration).

If you are using Evernote, you may look at Everpad or Nixnote2.

I use org-mode in emacs.
If you don’t like emacs, zim is something also I can recommend.

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I use my Nextcloud Notes app.
It syncs your notes as .txt files in your Nextcloud account.

I use a decent text editor (vim in my case), and plain text files.

Used Cherry Tree for a long time now, fantastic app.

I use simplenote syncs to my phone.

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google-keep synchronizes when you connect. It works off-line too. It is more like IMAP than like POP3.

+1 for QOwnNotes. Very helpful developer. Plugin system for extending / customizing.

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