Note: KDE 5.74.0-1 stuff & QT5 5.15.1-1 broken

these packages are currently available via arch which are unusable & break all working Kwin functions, can be tested on arch or simply w/ KDE-Neon latest
KDE - Kwin stuff:
app window instances like dolphin, console etc. are arranged one above the other. Working with multiple monitors is hardly possible, when working with multiple screens the primary screen is now ignored, all applications open on secondary screens and the associated splash-logos on another screen, totally crazy :wink: previously saved window positions are also ignored …
QT stuff:
I use 3 monitors, each one has it’s own tasklist and the window list is set to show only applications of the respective screen
with latest QT 5.15.1-1 update no more applications are shown in associated window list widgets except the tasklist on primary screen

I use 3 screens, each have it’s own tasklist and the window list is set to show only applications of the respective screen. Since latest kwin update no more applications are shown in window list except on primary screen. If I change the resolution of the respective screen the apps are back & shown in window lists of the additional screens.


Joined this two as seem to describe the same issue.
Window List is not quite used from what i know and is possible to have a regression or was simply put on an involuntary ignore maintenance list. I know that both Icon-Only Task Manager and Task Manager are working fine.

Will look to see if i can find something about Window List.

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So, i had a look in one of my installs, and there are no options for Window List, so i don’t know if that was the previous behavior and changed, but then i looked here:
Right at the bottom:

To me that means is not capable to deal with any interactions other than click, and since has no option, then each window can be deal with from the window title bar to expose it to different Virtual Desktop + Activity + Screen. Don’t know what else to say. :slight_smile:

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for the kwin / kde stuff issue see:
(in Comment 29)

the QT window list is still working w/ manjaro-kde-stable (QT 5.15.0) on a multi-screen setup, but w/ QT 5.15.1-1 (upcoming) the windows (open list) are no longer shown in the taskbar of the secondary screens, means you can not select or show an open app anymore … e.g. you have 4 konsole instances running on a secondary screen, you can no longer switch between these konsole windows

I’m really sorry. The link you pointed out is in regard with Saving Windows Position.
If you open Dolphin for instance, and you place it somewhere on the Screen, when you close it and open it again it should remember that last position before was closed.

Since the Window List is not created in the Panel/Latte-Dock or where you placed the Window List widget, have you tried to remove it and add it again?

Now, the two issues might have the same root cause, and be in the new Qt5, but are actually two issues in my view.
Hopefully someone will pass by and have something to say about it, so you gen get back the previos functionality. When sometimes i’m not sure, i try with a TEST user that i create (and remove later), log in ans see if there are differences with my default $USER.

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Is there any way to downgrade everything back to 5.15.0?