Not so rolling release

I've seen a few threads recently with people mentioning the update size size vs their bandwidth. Then I've also seen a few users recommend switching to a non rolling release distro like Ubuntu or Mint.

I can understand that a rolling release may not be for everyone, but we have to think about why people initially switch to Manjaro. For many it is access to the AUR. All the software you would ever want, and then some, all in one place. Non of that having to add a PPA after first searching the web for a software that might fit your needs. Non of the worries about malicious repositories advertised on some random warez site.

How about this, create a fourth "frozen" branch alongside stable and testing. This branch could simply be a snapshot of the final stable within a year. The only updates to this branch should be done on a yearly/bi-yearly schedule, and possibly the inclusion of serious security patches.

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It's all up to you, do it.

Nothing good happens unless you do it.


Two words, Manjaro Solid


don't know of anyone with an arch-based OS that isn't rolling

thinking about the possible user-base for this, suggest calling new distribution 'Best OS'


MinJaro :wink:
Boring :slight_smile:


Wow, Judging from all the facepalms it looks like I've struck a nerve. Is having a such a branch such a stupid idea that you would have to resort to slapping yourself in the forehead?

Not everybody wants to be doing a full system update once or twice a month.

Manjaro "Frozen" - I know someone who could sing "Let it go! Let it go-o-oh!" as the offical title song.

I'm totally loving the idea of Manjaro "Frozen"! The nay sayers don't have to install it.


I think maintaining properly a fixed-release version of Manjaro would require a new team dedicated to it, that will handle security and bug fixes for each distro version supported, and handle upgrade path from version to version.

I do not see this as something strange or impossible though, just not with the workforce that Manjaro has. I would like to see how a fixed-release Manjaro, or perhaps Arch Linux, would be managed, if there is some people crazy enough to start such an ambitious project.

As for AUR, it is targeted solely for Arch Linux and its rolling-release nature. But there could be something equivalent to AUR for the fixed-release Arch Linux.


We are just so happy that this idea is mentioned for the first time.


Come up a time or two before?


The fact that you and some other people got the same idea independenly of each other could mean that it is the right idea.


do you think this idea may not have occurred to anyone else at some point?

there are lots of different variations on Arch
but all are rolling release (going twice)
suggest to me that this idea is not easy to implement


Don't tell me about it, just do it.

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I didn't mention dropping the "rolling release". My thought is still a rolling release but with a longer time between updates.

  • testing branch: every few days
  • stable branch: once, sometimes twice a month
  • frozen branch: 6 or 12 months


Long Time Rolling Release
Again, do it.


this would be an absolut must - elseway you have an extremely insecure channel.
And that means a lot of rebuilding and manual fixing of compilation errors and incompatibilities on a weekly basis.

All in all, it would be the same effort as it is to host a whole additional distribution in addition to Manjaro. Simpe fix: Switch to a distribution that offers exactly that: Fedora or Ubuntu (and go with every release they do - because they do half-yearly releases and only security updates in between)


You keep telling me to "do it" but I am not part of the Manjaro development team. If I "did it" I would have to fork Manjaro, make my changes and offer it to the public. At which point it is no longer Manjaro. It would be another distro based on Manjaro.

There can be some difficulties if you don't update Manjaro for a long time and then try it. (Just try. You will certainly get expired keys. But also updates which jump over several versions are untested and can be bumpy.)

But the real issue is that you have to push some updates between the release times. You won't be able to push Arch packages, you will have to rebuild them yourself against libraries in Manjaro "Frozen".


everyone can join the developer team as long as skills are sufficient :wink:


We have community editions of Manjaro; this could be one. I echo SGS: Do it!


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