Not notified about system updates.

this morning i noticed that i had an update available, so i launched update manager and i had an update for teamviewer. i clicked apply, entered my password, and update manager installed updates it didn't tell me about. we need a way to make sure that doesn't happen. i'm no fan of discover, but in one aspect it is setup correctly. when discover lets you know you have updates and you launch discover it rechecks for updates and presents you with everything available. this function added to update manager, and posting in announcements more than a few hours ahead of the updates release would save a lot of headaches. say get the updates ready and post an announcement 2 days before pushing the updates.

..its not like you should ever install only some updates.
That will certainly cause problems.
Further - you should probably always inspect changes to your system (like packages) before applying.

I suppose if the notification is totally wrong that should be addressed.
Or if the outline of changes to be applied is incorrect then thats probably a bug.


not wanting to be rude but there really is no point to your post. if you really want to help please maybe see if others have run into the same issue. thanks

Never trust a update notifier as the system refreshes the repro data base before applying updates,
Always use the terminal that is the safest way of all a GUI does not reinvent the wheel.


that's fine and dandy when the announcement is sent out more than a few hours before the updates are released, so one has more likely has checked their email before the updates hit their update manager. yesterday got up, saw update available, clicked update manager, saw ONLY temviewer list, chose to update it, in the process received whatever the testing updates were. again that should of never happened. not all of us check our email the second we get up.

Well, two days upfront it might not even be clear which packages exactly would be part of an update (at least for testing).

IMHO early announcements would just add confusion. Users would ask "Hey updates have been announced yesterday, but I still did not get them...". To me it makes sense to post the announcement with the release of the update itself. That way you can clearly see which updates correlates to which announcement.

Nobody forces you to update immediately when the update manager screams. Take your time and make it to your habit to read the announcements before you hit the update button.

Can't really recall that I've ever seen this issue I must say.
You can file a bug report and create an "Issue" at gitlab...


confusing i think not. you make it clear that the update are only the below listed and will be released at x time on x date. now i get there will still be more than a few that look right at the announcement and still not get it, but that's on them then.

again i did not get told by update manager that there were other updates besides teamviewer when i went to update teamviewer. the ONLY thing listed when i open update manager WAS teamviewer. again i'm not in the habit of checking my email the second i turn the computer on in the morning. yes i got the announcement, but it was sent out AFTER i went to bed., so i actually AFTER i checked update manager and ok'd it to update teamviewer and it did testing updates that WERE NOT listed as well.

i'm sure it's not normal behavior and i will be filing a bug report first chance i get.

Don't rely on email regarding updates. Don't rely on update notifiers. Don't rely on update managers.

Use common sense. Or uncommon, if you're so bent. :slight_smile:


dude do not treat me like i'm in the wrong here when we both know i'm not.

You are relatively new here. My advice is what works.

And yours?

Considering the endless information concerning updates, I don't believe anything additional is needed for the prudent operator that has not already been discussed ad nauseum.

EDIT: per request.


I think you do not understand update notifier as far as I know only checks periodically, user complained it was always checking and seeing as stable updates can be 2 or 3 weeks apart really its pointless it checking continuously many times a day ,also it is suited best to stable branch. testing and unstable updates come at all times of the day.

Also please note you seem to have a problem with help like virtually every thread you are at others users throats.
Please these guys are not paid to help you they are not payed to take back chat.

Comments like these are not welcome by other users this is not a playground users are trying to help you are trying to provoke that is how it looks to other users?


Why is this topic outside of any category? A forum bug?

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I could move it to ... #newbies



I think it is better to close it. Because the program Pamac works as expected.


It appears to be in this category(unless you moved it already).

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If it really doesn't notify you before the update process that additional packages are being installed, it certainly is an opportunity for improvement in the UI. That being said, I thought it did.....

Doesn't pamac provide you with a Transaction Summary prior to the final application of updates? I believe that happens after the refresh so it should show a good list of packages.

I just tested this on a VM I hadn't updated in a while. It shows you a transaction summary based on the old database.

I actually think that raising this issue is fair. Even if the notifier is out of date, if pamac itself says "This is what I am doing" and then does something much different than that, that seems odd to me.


no like i said all update manager showed me was teamviewer and nothing else, it watching the download, build, install at the bottom is the only indication i had that there were more updates than teamviewer.

yea as far as being odd i agree, it's why i brought it up here. not trying to step on any toes, but when someone tries to put the issue off on me when i did nothing that i know of to cause it i'm going to have a problem with them.

thans for actually reading through what i posted and answering respectfully.

think what i will have to do for now or just make it a habbit is check my email first and or the forum. then if update manager says there are updates i'll know if everything that should be listed befog applying is actually listed.

thanks again.

Next time create screenshots and if you find out how to reproduce it tell us.

ok the next time i'm offered a update i'll take screenshots in case it does it again.

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