Not issues, but just observations for future releases

This are just a couple of notes i took and maybe can be addressed:

  1. On older installs there are Kv* folders inside /usr/share/themes that have no business to be there as they contain just some openbox-3 folders. The problem is that get as options in Budgie (for instance) but do nothing. Also there are themes that give only gtk2. Maybe better to clean them from there somehow.
  2. Breath Plasma Style can have custom icons inside the theme, so we don't have to bother with what icon theme the user uses, if is using Breath as Plasma Style we can make all those icons that appear in System Tray to look like we want. Now there are a few i fixed, but we can have another look at it.
  3. To customize even more, or brand the KDE Plasma install we can make use of the Global Theme + Plasma Style and use a custom set of icons and widgets inside /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/default/
    That way the Breeze becomes a secondary theme. Also, if someone will use the Global Theme and set to Breath and also Use the desktop layout from theme, the background will not be reset to the Breeze blue icy wallpaper. I need to investigate more on this tho. Also, that reset is also defaulting the panel to use "Task Manager" instead of "Icons-only Task manager" how it is when on fresh install. I think that needs to be addressed in the /usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/ and make it use the org.manjaro.desktop.maiaPanel from /usr/share/plasma/layout-templates/ plus the correct Breath wallpaper. This is how i understand it, but don't know yet how is done.
  4. Adwaita-Maia theme has also the source files in it, but i don't think are relevant for the user. I know is only 3.4 MiB, but in order to not confuse the user we can drop the .scss + .sh + assets.txt files and the assets.svg when is installed.
    Also, because the Adwaita-Maia (the light version) has the light and dark variants, we can use inside the Adwaita-maia-Dark/gtk-3.0/gtk.css the only file there to have this in it @import url("../../Adwaita-Maia/gtk-3.0/gtk-contained-dark.css"); and that's it ... or whatever is now named the theme. I saw it as Adwaita-Maia or adwaita-maia . This also confuses me. The nomenclator of mixed uppercase or lowercase names.

I'll add more as i go along.


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