Not Detecting FIngerprint Reader

My fingerprint reader isn’t working. I got an ASUS Vivobook X509JF laptop which I had already used with other Distros, those detected the fingerprint reader. But somehow manjaro isn’t detecting the fingerprint reader, is not a driver issue as it doesn’t even list it in lsusb. The reader works, I can use it on my windows Boot without any issue. Manjaro is up to date, i’m using Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS and the Plasma DE.

Have you tried installing fprintd from the repositories?

or fingerprint-gui from the AUR

Of course, but the problem isn’t fprint. Manjaro isn’t detecting the fingerprint reader on the first place. :frowning:

This is expected, only very few fingerprint reader are supported. For most of them, there is simply no driver.
Did you checked if a Linux driver is available for your specific model?

Did you try with different kernel versions?