Not booting on an old MBP 8,2

Another mac post :sweat_smile: :sob:

I am having trouble booting into my linux installation. Installation looked to have went well into a partition I created in macOS disk utility. In the rEFInd boot manager, I select the installation and this is all that comes up before freezing:

/dev/sda4: clean, 253705/22814720 files, 3040733/91249400 blocks

I have previously made Manjaro and other distros function before but it seems some things have changed and Iโ€™m not tech savvy. I suspect it is related to the dual graphics in my apple laptop, as in the past I had to adjust some parameters to get into desktop.

Thank you for your time and any help troubleshooting

-MBP 8,2
-macOS 10.13.6
-rEFInd 0.13.2
-Manjaro 21.0 kernel 5.1

I wanted to try the instructions here but I donโ€™t know how to do it or if it will help.

https:// archived. forum. manjaro. org/ t/ solved-problem-installing-manjaro-on-macbook-pro/ 46792/ 16

Any help is appreciated!