Not actually a Question

I don’t usually use Emoticons,

Usually I read comments and either reply to them or move on.

Just for fun I thought I’d add a thumbs up to a couple of comments I particularly agree with… apparently that makes me an Enthusiast.

I thought it was amusing… but I guess you had to be there.

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It’s the badges. :wink: They are part of the Discourse platform as a kind of stimulus for community-building. There are many of them, and you gain more badges as your activity increases. :wink:


@Aragorn. Yeah, I realise that. I’ve use Discourse before, on another forum. It’s just my sense of humour.


In the eyes of Discourse, is adding an emoticon equal to clicking the heart (likes)?

Adding an emoticon is more visible, but clicking the heart is quicker plus I’m think’n there might be some sort of database counter for likes.

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I have no idea, I’m not much into emoticons, and I don’t give a hoot about being rewarded for posting or actually liking someone or what they said, which is what the whole ‘Earned Enthusiast’ thing is all about.

If I have something to add, I add it, otherwise I prefer to remain silent and appear dumb rather than ‘speak’ and prove it.


Let me put it this way. You might not care, but a new Manjaro user that asks for help in the forum, lets say will receive a couple of suggestions. For their own sake, they can check the summary of those forum members and see if they proved themselves trusty and helpful for others, so they can follow their advice without hesitation.

For instance @Aragorn - has almost 700 solutions, al lot of involvement in the forum … etc., etc.,

Is someone that proved over and over again that you can trust when entering commands in terminal that come from him, will give good references, so is not a stranger neither to the forum, nor with technical assistance, a communication wizard … That summary is not for his own gratification, but a confirmed trustful source of information and guidance.


No, it’s not the same thing. As the matter of fact, there’s a limit to the amount of likes one can give in a single day, and it even differs between trust levels.

I don’t know what the limits are in the current iteration of the forum, though. But at the old forum, they weren’t set all that high, and one would frequently run into a warning that one had used up one’s quota of likes for the day, and to wait for nnn amount of time before being able to like a post again. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are too kind, my friend. :slight_smile: :beers:

And we must then for good measure also add that you yourself currently stand at 662 solutions, and that @Yochanan also currently stands at 665 solutions. Several other longstanding members are also more or less approaching these numbers, and I see some of the newer members also making a great effort at helping out the newbies. :wink:

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Probably first time i read that towards me on the forum … but, that’s not the point. What i said about you is what i learned and observed, and again you proved countless times. Wish i could call myself as a quality person as i can call you.

That was, for me, one of the greatest surprises on the forum for a couple of months now.

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I’m being repressed by the Manjaruminati Elite Shadow Group. They’re trying to cut my light and hold me down! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :facepunch: :muscle:

What’s mine is mine. I’m going to expose them with a hidden camera and microphone at their next secret meeting. :camera_flash:



Sometimes the forum engine is late — and sometimes, very late — in assigning the badges.

According to the Admin Panel, your “I know everything” badge was issued 1 minute ago. :man_shrugging:


Hey, um, sorry about threatening to expose the elite shadow group and all that negative stuff I said earlier…



Remember that we are watching you. :eyes:

We are ALWAYS watching you… :eye:


I wasn’t particularly interested on an individual level, but rather about the best way to make the forum as beneficial as possible to fellow Manjaro users. I like @bogdancovaciu response as to how this information can be used.

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Been clicking those “buttons” still no warnings, yet, for those interested… :smile:

You seem to giving me lots of hearts.

Is that your way of saying I’m a heartless b I’m heartless.


Maybe it’s just for in the event that you need a transplant. You know, it’s always handy to have a couple of spares around. :stuck_out_tongue:


And we’re always preaching to everyone to have a backup handy…