Not able to update

I’m traveling since 15 days ago, so before that I switched to stable because connections are not always good where I’m
today morning I checked and found updates available (>670 Mb including Plasma 6.1.1)
I always go to tty3 to update but it stacks after getting started and than after it shows 404 error for all the packets and nothing is updating

Is it only me?

use pacman-mirrors before :wink: for update mirror list


Plasma 6.1.1 has only just hit Unstable, which means that you haven’t refreshed your mirror list after switching to the Stable branch. :wink:


Plasma 6.1 hasn’t reached Stable yet:


Why though? Just don’t do updates while you’re travelling…


well, this morning I switched to unstable to check what was there then I switched back to stable and I deed pacman -Syuu

PS. fixed now with -Syyuu

but I will be out for a couple of months… :smiley:

while switching branches mirrors got refresh automatically or not?

probably was -Syy only sufficient?

anyway thanks everybody for your patience… :smiley:

because I’m not a geek sometimes I got confused with commands :crazy_face:

404 is a network error which means file not found.

The filename contains the version, so if the version in the local database doesn’t match the one on the mirror the file can’t be found.

Normally it means you need to update (local database is out-of-date, behind the mirror), but in this case it’s because you changed branches (local database was ahead).

Don’t use -Sy or similar unless you know what you’re doing.

-Syyu or -Syyuu is what should be run. The latter would downgrade things to match stable, which would prevent any partial updates.

This is the best option.


No, it merely switches you over to a different repository on each of the mirrors. It does not update your locally saved mirror list.

No, because you will have had packages from Unstable, and thus, at a later version than the ones in Stable. In order to replace those — i.e. downgrading — you need to specify two "u"s, like so “-Syuu”, not two "y"s.

Also, never use “y” without at least one “u”. See… :point_down:

man pacman

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