Not able to get past welcome screen

I just downloaded the latest version of kde plasma, but whenever I boot it, it stays at this screen with just the manjaro logo and the date and no matter what key i press nothing happens. Is there a problem with my download, or is there something I’m missing?

Depending on your hardware might need to boot with proprietary drivers, and in case of some Laptop models you might need some custom kernel boot parameters.
Without knowing that, nobody here can devine what is going on.

Make sure you disable Secure Boot and Fast Boot from BIOS, and that you set to AHCI the drive controller.
If you checked the ISO and you properly made the USB live media, there should be no issue.

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Thank you! I only have access to a Mac at the moment, so I’ll try it later and let you know if it works, but with the articles you sent me, I think I’ll be able to troubleshoot just fine.

It ended up being that my motherboard didn’t recognize my 128gb flash drive and I had to use a 32gb one. However, my screen freezes when I press login, and I think it has something to do with my password, or lack of one, because in ksh, it just prompts me again