Not able to click on any buttons, can only run applications via terminal

again non of the menus, folders, or widgets allow me to click. however once i start a librewolf or dolphin instance then I can use the mouse.

It is some config you changed.

Try creating a new user - then login with that user and see if the issue persist - it most likely does not - so go digging.

sudo useradd -mUG lp,wheel,network monero2
sudo passwd monero2

An afterthougt - if the issue persist - change the theming to the default

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K I will look. Can I ask a follow up

when I update with

sudo pacman -Syu

How come there are still updates to be had through the pacman**[Pamac]** GUI manager? Is there another command to update packages?
type or paste code here

There is no pacman GUI - what you refer to must be Pamac - and then I don’t know.

You can always use the native package manager pacman

sudo pacman -Syu

On a side note - please use proper spelling and avoid unknown words and acronyms.

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pacman is the default ALPM (“Arch Linux Package Manager”), and is a command-line-only tool that only handles packages from the official Manjaro repositories.

pamac is both a command-line tool and a GUI, and apart from the packages in the Manjaro repositories, it also handles the AUR, as well as Snaps, FlatPaks. So it is possible that you have a couple of AUR, Snap, FlatPak updates waiting.

after running those command and rebooting I wasn’t taken into a user option page. I’m not sure how to get to the user account profile system setting menu from CLI. I imagine it would be in a config file.

I thought I’d check the wiki, I don’t follow everything about your command/terms/params.

Example adding a user

To add a new user named archie, creating its home directory and otherwise using all the defaults in terms of groups, folder names, shell used and various other parameters:

useradd -m archie