Not able to build the package structuresynth from AUR


Hi guys, I’m trying to install structuresynth application from AUR but I always receive a compilation error, is it a problem with the manjaro gcc version?
Please see also the comments in the AUR package page.

Thanks for the info you can provide. /Saverio

error: cannot convert ‘bool’ to ‘QList<SyntopiaCore::GLEngine::Object3D*>*’ in return
if (!found) return false;

Is not Arch/Manjaro’s GCC issue, AFAIK.
Search [Your fav search engine] for
error: cannot convert ‘bool’ to ‘QList<SyntopiaCore::GLEngine::Object3D*>*’ in return
and will find it elsewhere …maybe a solution too!

Of course I have been wrong before …once(got married), :slight_smile:, at least, so if it is indeed Arch/Manjaro specific, please contact Manjaro dev via bug report and request fix …and let us know too.



@neognomic I’ve tried to search on internet about this problem and I found something on Debian forums related to Meshlab, not Structuresynth, but I’m not so expert in c++ and gcc to adapt the code.
Anyway, thanks for your suggestion.

Hoping that someone more expert than me will give a hand in the future to compile Structuresynth on Arch / Manjaro.

BRs /Saverio


If indeed the error

error: cannot convert ‘bool’ …etc.
[/quote] is GCC and Manjaro based, it won’t matter if it is XYZ or ABDC program or is found on Deb/Debian-based, Fedora, …etc sources. If the fix for XYZ is to modify the GCC implementation the method to get it patched might be different for Arch/Manjaro but the application/patch should be the same, or very, very close.
Of course one must still be able to show this is Manjaro related to get Manjaro to implement a patch.

I do not think building it is the way to go and am not even positive the program is worth the effort/time/resources.
You can of course pursue it but, if you will, let me point out some things:

  • It’s old and apparently not maintained.
  • Bug reports from years back have never had any action taken on them => no support from developer.
  • There was an update made some years ago but only to allow some QT5 compatibility. This version is 6 years old.
  • As it is from AUR, there is no Manjaro|Arch assistance. Unless you can, reasonably, prove the “error” is GCC from Manjaro, there is no bug report that will be accepted.
  • Since it is so old, it may not run on today’s hardware or if it does, not run fully or correctly.

The AUR maintainer is your only source for a possible fix unless you can reach the original coder. …GL with that, ;).

All that being said, if the need is real with no other better substitute, there’s the DebTap program which, in summary, allows conversion to use *.deb packages on Arch.

Just get a structure-synth_1.5.*.deb binary from a source believed to be trustworthy, then, e.g.,

debtap structure-synth_1.5.0-3_amd64.deb

And Voila!
Providing that it works, you will have an Arch/Manjaro package that you can install.

Get debtap via AUR.
NB: You will need to get & install pkgfile-git first. …

Alien(alien_package_converter) does a similar conversion for RPM but it is not needed for installing an RPM version, should you be unable to find a working *.deb binary or if debtap does not work/work-as-expected.

That’s all I can do for this topic. I do hope it helps.

GL@U and …

Have Fun!


@neognomic Many thanks for you observations, very useful for me!
Considering that Structuresynth is old and I don’t need to resume old input stuff for it, I can go with an alternative as you suggested. I’ll go to your generative art link and also try to make a deeper search, for sure something can be suitable for my needs :slight_smile:

BRs /Saverio


[quote=“BlueWizard, post:5, topic:10180”]
Many thanks for you observations
[/quote]You’re welcome.
I had to guess what the target/goal was by getting Structure Synth since life involves numbers, one way or another, at the core.

Is it art or science?


Oh, and yea: if the answers are sufficient then please mark a post as solution so the thread can show Solved.

AND BTW, I confirmed your result by posting the “failed” remark at the Arch structure-synth package web page. I do not have high hopes that any resolution will be forthcoming … at least not for building it.

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