Not able to access encrypted partition

I have recently dual booted manjaro KDE with windows 10. At the time of installation I encypted a partition and entered a password. Now after the installation completed and i am trying to access the encrypted partition it is asking for password but after entering the password it is showing me the error -
“'An error occurred while accessing ‘Home’, the system responded: An unspecified error has occurred: Failed to open file “/crypto_keyfile.bin”: No such file or directory”.
I am new to linux environment so i am not able to understand what to do.
Please help me in solving this issue.

It seems you have an encrypted /boot directory. With full disk encrypted like this, the boot process needs to unlock the partition twice: once for the bootloader and again for the kernel. Manjaro default setup for this kind of setup includes a keyfile that is stored inside the encrypted volume, so that you need to input your password only once: first time you unlock it for the bootloader, and the kernel uses the keyfile to unlock it without password.

However, in your case it seems that something has gone wrong, and the keyfile doesn’t exist when the system expects it to. Since this seems to be a new installation, the easiest fix is to delete the encrypted partition and install again.

On the new installation, I recommend you use unencrypted /boot folder. This is sufficiently secure for most purposes, and has the following advantages:

  • almost 1 minute faster boot time depending on the hardware
  • nicer password dialog
  • easier to troubleshoot
  • no keyfile is needed

If your efi partition is big enough, 300-500Mb, the easiest way to achieve unencrypted /boot is to mount the efi partition to /boot instead of /boot/efi in the manual partitioning.

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