Normal that display settings get reset when switching X11/Wayland?

My GPU is Nvidia, so I had to go through the complicated things to enable Wayland. I thought I could switch Wayland/X11 easily, but it seems that whenever I do that display settings are reset. Is this normal?

That is, the monitor position (by default, Manjaro thinks my left monitor is on the right), display scale (it goes back to 100%, when I was using 200%), and Dash to Panel is moved to the non-primary monitor (I had set it to “Primary monitor”, but it is changed to “Monitor 2”).

X11 and Wayland Screen names or Monitors are not the same. Whatever is also in /etc/X11/mhwd.d/nvidia.conf or other X11 configs files will be ignored by Wayland.

Is not normal, but then, what is ? and i guess some fixes regarding that will be in KDE Plasma 5.26
Even Panels will be deleted/disappear when switching sessions, and still Nvidia and Wayland are not yet good friends …



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