NordVPN + UFW (advice please)

Hello good people of Manjaro…
There is an archived article on these forums from July 2020 that states you need to ditch UFW in favour of firewalld if using Nordvpn. Is this still the case in May 2021 (i have installed Nordvpn-bin 3.9.2_1-1 from AUR)?

On a separate note, is it possible to have both UFW and FirewallD installed so you can play about with both (interchangeably - not on together)?

Thanks in advance

I don’t particularly use firewalld because of the delay in initialization on my equipment, which is very modest and I preferred ufw, but I also don’t use NordVPN

T+ = See you later

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okay thanks Creto…anyone else know about this?

I use NordVPN and ufw and don’t have any problems. (I do not use their propriatary client though)

What article was that. No clue why that would be a problem.


I have not used NordVPN for some time - but if you read the article then you know what to look out for.

The only way to find out if the article is still applicable will be to test it on your system.

The NordVPN client managed to break the internet connection. It did not restore resolv.conf on disconnect - or it was the firewall rules not restored - all my issues went away by using firewalld.

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There can be some issues, sometimes, with their proprietary client. A friend of mine goes with UFW+NordVPN and he had on rare occasions some issues, like UFW not enabled on reboot (:anguished:), or the killswitch still in place after reboot despite NordVPN not active, things like that, but after a few script added here and there, these issues never happened (scripts to make sure UFW is enabled on boot, or script to make sure it enables and disables everything cleanly every time).


Hi @linux-aarhus - thank for that article you wrote. As someone still very much grouping in the dark with Linux, it was a good easy to understand guide.