NordVPN hacked

The people we entrust our data security to!! Military grade snafu :rofl:


one of its data centers was accessed in March 2018

I think that's the story.

Instead of immediately coming out and saying "There has been a breach, this is what we found and here is what we are going to do to correct it" they just kept quiet.

I get the feeling that NordVPN has a bigger marketing team than security team.


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It certainly isn't, don't know how I did that! Must have caught the touchpad.

I've been looking for a vpn for a new setup and I've been reading around here, but isn't TechCrunch owned by Verizon?? They have a vpn service of their own, that would mean that TC is a competitor. At the same time, anonymous researcher? Who would cite an article like this..
(source that about TC,, and more credible source and a bit more informative )

Also, as I'm new with Linux, just starting out, would a vpn work with it or not really?

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