Non-systemd (or systemd-free if you prefer) distros: does it really make sense?

I understand diversity. I love Linux for that. However, let’s face reality: systemd has replaced init just like UEFI has replaced BIOS. I can’t say the same with Wayland and X but that’s a different matter…

Now, is this resilience remarkable or useless?

So have OpenRC, runit, sysvinit…

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Yes indeed. But don’t you think that systemd is the new standard and it will be for quite a few years?

There are some efforts to make systemd the “standard”…i really appreciate the effort some others put into keeping things like OpenRC, runit, S6 and so on. Although i’m using Manjaro as my daily driver, i’m not completely comfortable the way systemd is going…there’s to much mess caused by this kraken

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It is perfectly useful for single user distros, to have a non-systemd init system. Systemd offers a lot in multi-user and server environments. I recommend watching this video, which while it is directed at BSD does a very good job at pointing out exactly what systemd does, and does very well.

It will be great the day when Wayland will replace Xorg: there will be people fighting for the freedom of display server and we will have Wayland, Xorg, Mir, SweetLookinDisplayServer, YetAnotherXorgFork, etc. etc.


(Yes, I’m trolling a bit, what did you expect from a thread about systemd vs other inits?)


There are still plenty of non-systemd distros left. Just not the large, mainstream distros.

That being said, it is an unanswerable question. There are people who prefer systemd, people who don’t and many who don’t care either way.

You might as well ask, “Which is better, gnome or kde?” or “Why isn’t Manjaro’s color scheme better?”

Thanks for that link. I really enjoyed the talk. I was a bit taken aback, though, when he made reference to the creator of systemd receiving death threats. That’s mind-boggling, that someone would be so upset by software they would actually threaten someone’s life! :fearful:

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