Non-partition dual boot installation questions

hello !

i’m looking into installing manjaro on my laptop: thinkpad p52.
i’ve got room for another ssd drive in there and 'im thinking of running manjaro from it instead of partitioning the drive containing windows.

seems like a better option to me, but i’m asking for opinions and how to proceed.

thank you!

Welcome here, @toadbroth

If you are looking for a dual boot then follow this guide:

Installing Manjaro on a separate disk is a very good idea. If you install it in the same mode as your Windoze system (i.e. either in UEFI or in BIOS mode) then you will be able to boot both systems from grub’s bootlader menu, later-on.

Some more useful references:

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is there an advantage to installing manjaro in either UEFI or BIOS?
if there are 4 disks in the laptop, when is it that i choose on which one of them i want to install manjaro…there’s a lot of mention about partitioning but i don’t seen anything about picking the drive to install on.

i’ve already got the iSO and stick ready


when you start the installer, Calamares, and coming to the window regarding the disk, on the top you can open a drop down menu where to select the disk, just be care at the bottom to select where to install the bootloader, check if the same disk of the installation

If you plan for a dual boot - use the same mode as Windoze was installed. Otherwise you always have to boot into your firmware to switch between the two OS.

Make yourself pretty familar with all your disks with regard to size, labels and other characteristics to be sure to pick the right disk when installing Manjaro via Calamares. Also, make sure to put the bootloader on the same disk you install Manjaro!

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