Non-Manjaro packages which have been flagged as needing an update

Since those extra repository packages come from arch linux, then maybe Antonio Rojas needs a shout-out for that ... Have some patience.
If he builds it, it will come!

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Stellarium 19 was released yesterday, you cannot really expect it to show up in the repos just one day after release?


to be fair, it is outdated since 2018 when 18.3 was released:

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If you absolutely cannot wait then go to the Arch package page ...

View source files, and download the PKGBUILD ...

Adjust it, build it yourself using makepkg, then install it using pacman -U.

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Opera web browser needs a fast update. In current Manjaro version (60.0.3255.27), built-in VPN doesn't work. Updated package is already in Arch repo. Can you push Opera update to stable branch?

Deadbeef has to be updated to version 1.8.0 (499 commits)

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It's an Archlinux package and has already been flagged out-of-date.

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(Compiled Stellarium 19.0)

Already done... working. :innocent:



Stellarium v0.19.0 has been released!

2019-03-24 11:20:00 +0000 by alex-w :innocent:

indeed, even more curious to see the new commit still being based on 0.7.2?

This is not a discussion thread.

Stellarium ist inzwischen in stable angelangt..

PySolFC is outdated and not working. Available 2.4.0, latest version is 2.6.4.

That is no Manjaro package. Already flagged out of date at Arch.


Thank you very much for the info and I'm sorry for the mistake, it was automatically installed by Aisleriot and, as in Octopi it does not show the alien icon before the name, I thought if was a Manjaro package.

But now I realize that, if I look at the info, it will show if the packager's mail is or not, which it is in this case.

deepin-screenshot has been updated upstream, with an important fix (blurring wasn't working correctly) - can it be updated in the Manjaro repos too? It's gone from 4.1.11 to 4.2.0.

Borg has been updated, thank you :slight_smile:

community/borg               1.1.8-1          1.1.10-1


The go package in Manjaro community is still on 1.12.4 while the Arch community package is 1.12.5.



That isn't a manjaro-specific package. It takes time for packages to move from arch stable to Manjaro stable.

1.12.5 is currently in Manjaro's testing branch.

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Apologies, thanks for the update.