Non-Manjaro packages which have been flagged as needing an update

Borg has been updated, thank you :slight_smile:

community/borg               1.1.8-1          1.1.10-1


The go package in Manjaro community is still on 1.12.4 while the Arch community package is 1.12.5.



That isn't a manjaro-specific package. It takes time for packages to move from arch stable to Manjaro stable.

1.12.5 is currently in Manjaro's testing branch.

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Apologies, thanks for the update.

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Please Update KeepassXC.

Newer version is available in testing branch

I write you from manjaro deepin 18.0.4.
I was using deluge Cliente: 1.3.15 libtorrent:
And I checked the webpage from about deluge tab.
It says there is a new version 2.0.3 :thinking:

It seems it is neither available from aur.

Thanks for your job devs!

this is a package that manjaro gets from arch, so arch needs to update it first. here is the arch page. someone has already flagged it out of date so the maintainer is informed.

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Please Update KeepassXC.

arch maintained - extra repo package - intel-ucode

Mitigations for Intel MDS vulnerabilities added for Sandy Bridge hardware in version 20190618-1

Excuse a noob if I'm not in the right place :slight_smile: not sure if this is relevant here but I just noticed that:

Youtube-dl is outdated: 2019.06.08-1 in Manjaro repos and latest is 2019.06.21 (

Seems that 2019.06.08 is not working anymore and as someone who just discovered the joys of Youtube-dl the day before it updated, I'm excited for the latest version hehe.

Just to clarify, you do not need to post about non-Manjaro packages which need an update.

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I see, sorry. For future reference, how does one know if a package is from Arch or Manjaro? By looking in Octopi I can't really tell the difference.


in regards again to deluge - it looks like it has been updated in arch, but using yay or other search tools i am still seeing only older versions - what am i missing here? - is this not the right place to check?

oh, absolutely - i get that. but if i am installing something from the AUR, or searching the AUR - even as a manjaro user - am i not getting "live AUR"?

thanks so much.

Deluge isn't in the AUR so I don't understand the question. The AUR is the AUR.

i think i've misunderstood my above stated archlinux packages site as AUR content.

thanks for your help.