Noise reduction on Discord

Hello everyone, new manjaro’s user here

I wanted to know if there is a discord who has the noise reduction because i installed it and i didn’t have the noise reduction by default.

IS there is an alternative to this ?

I don’t know anything about Discord but I can recommend NoiseTorch for this.

pamac build noisetorch-bin

I use this without AUR:

pamac install noise-suppression-for-voice
mkdir -pv ~/.config/pipewire/filter-chain.conf.d/
ln -fv /usr/share/pipewire/filter-chain/source-rnnoise.conf ~/.config/pipewire/filter-chain.conf.d/source-rnnoise.conf
mkdir -pv ~/.config/systemd/user/
nano ~/.config/systemd/user/pipewire-filter-chain.service

Put this in:

Description=PipeWire Filter Chain

ExecStart=/usr/bin/pipewire -c filter-chain.conf


and save it.

Restart pipewire:

systemctl --user restart pipewire.service

Noise Cancellation for all Microphones are there on a separate input device “Noise Canceling Source”.

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I installed discord couple of days ago and I have the noise suppression option by default, no nitro or whatever.

settings → voice&video → (scroll a bit ) and you will see it under voice processing…

the package that I installed is discord from community repo…

oh yeah, thx everyone for your answers ! Linux sounds fun (no humor here) !