NOD32 - is it in the AUR or not?

From a previous September 14 post regarding how NOD32 is in the AUR, the person stated that NOD32 was in fact in the AUR. I have not been able to find it. I have been able to find an Eset MAIL Security application, but it failed to build. Could anyone please shed some light on this ? I have also come across an ESET forum post stating that Manjaro is not supported, is this true ?

Where is NOD32 in the AUR ? I cannot find it … I could only find something called Eset MAIL Security, but it failed to build. I had the same issue as the OP - could not find a way to start Bitdefender after building and installing it from the AUR. ???



Please don’t bump old topics … You made your point and asked the question, be patient to receive an answer. Joined the two comments for house keeping reasons.

There is no NOD32 AUR package. If there was in the past, maybe got removed for good reasons.
ESET encourages to download their installer from here

Then you chmod it
chmod +x eset_nod32av_64bit_en.linux

then you start the installer

If it fails, we can’t do much about it. If it works, then enjoy.


Thanks much, that worked.

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